This Saturday, on the 27th of April a demonstration was held in Hamburg in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance in which about 3000 people took part. Former "Godfather" of Hamburg and todays federal gangster Olaf Scholz was at the same time in the city to kick off the European election campaign of his party, the SPD. Making a lot of noise the demonstration walked from the main train station in the direction of the "Fischmarkt", the place where Olaf Scholz and his Consorts were at that time.


While the demonstration did not go to "Fischmarkt" itself, but stopped only a few hundred meters short of it, a small group of protesters went there to in an effort to confront the mafioso, hinder his election campaign and to put the resistance of the Palestinian people aigainst the genocide on the agenda instead. There they were surrounded by the Hamburg police, their identities were recorded and at least in part were reported because they called Olaf Scholz a childrens butcher and a genocider, rightly so! Before that they were not allowed to distribute leaflets and were ordered to leave the surroundings as a good example of how "democracy" works.

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A protester at "Fischmarkt" is detained (Source:

In solidarity the demonstration waited as long at the place of the finishing rally until all prisoners were released and did not budge until then. Apart from Palestinian music and singing, antiimperialist slogans were shouted in such as: "From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free!" and "Yemen, Yemen make us proud, turn another ship around!". These were carried loudly and proudly by a part of the demonstration and in different speeches the pitch black role of German imperialism in the genocide of the Palestinian people was denounced.

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A contingent of the Red League took part in the protest march and carried next to Red League and Palestinian flags a banner with the slogan "It is right to rebel!" in German and Arabic. Leaflets in regards to the 01. of May were distributed to promote an upcoming discourse on the subject of What is antiimperialism?":

6. May, 19:30 - Bar „Shebeen“, St. Pauli, Hein-Hoyer-Straße 78