This year on the 1st of May there will be another demonstration in Goetheviertel with a block party at the place of the finishing rally. The comrades undertook powerful actions for mobilization with leaflets, banners, stickers and posters.

Start of demonstration:

14h00 | in front of NP-Supermarket in the Goethestraße, Bremerhaven

Block Party at the finishing rally:

16h30 | at the corner Goethestraße/Frenssenstraße, Bremerhaven

The masses see the necessity of the revolution, have no illusions in the bourgeois state and thus enthousiastically take part, distribute leaflets, climb fences at sporting grounds to hang the banners themselves and embellish mostly Goetheviertel with stickers of the Red League:

20240421Bhv2 20240421Bhv4 20240427Bhv8
20240421Bhv5 20240421Bhv3

In addition posters were spotted in Goetheviertel, at the college, in Grünhöfe an at Leherheide:

20240421Bhv1 20240427Bhv9
20240427Bhv6 20240427Bhv7