We would like to publish here a report from the Red League NRW on the Nakba activities of Palestine Solidarity Bochum, which was sent to us.

On the 76th anniversary of the Nakba, we took part in a political and cultural rally in Bochum's Westpark as part of Palestine Solidarity Bochum to draw attention to the ongoing genocide in Palestine and the ground offensive in Rafah.

Nakba means catastrophe in Arabic and describes the organized beginning of the genocide of the people of Palestine by Zionist settlers under the leadership and with the help of the imperialists.  Wherever the Palestinian population was displaced by ethnic cleansing, the Zionists founded the state of Israel. In total, over 800,000 Palestinians were displaced during the Nakba, 531 villages were destroyed and 15,000 people were murdered. However, the Nakba is not a single historical event, but rather the ongoing process of genocide against the Palestinian people, which is particularly evident in the Israeli army's campaign of extermination against the people of Gaza.

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In order to powerfully denounce these crimes and express our solidarity with the resistance of the people in Palestine, Palestine Solidarity Bochum organized a series of activities in the Westpark, which was attended by up to 70 people throughout the day. The focus of the rally was the collective creation of a 50-meter-long mural calling for the end of all occupations. Dozens of comrades from the Open Palestine Meeting and people who responded to the rally's call took part in the various activities throughout the day.

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After the mural was painted in ten hours of work, all participants gathered behind a banner to send a video greeting to the people of Palestine and their national resistance. With a powerful speech in Arabic and German, they denounced the current wave of genocide and emphasized that they stand side by side with the struggle of the people of Palestine and all oppressed peoples of the world, which currently means above all to fight uncompromisingly against German imperialism as a genocide supporter.

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Between and during the painting of the mural and the greeting message, there were musical commissions from comrades throughout the day, which ensured a good and combative atmosphere. In addition to the singer-songwriter "Frollein", a three-piece drummer group also played throughout the day. The musical part was rounded off with a performance by the rapper "Tenor". In addition, there was once again delicious food for a donation and another good speech by an activist from Palästina-Solidarity Bochum.

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All in all, it can be said that the day was once again a great success. Despite all resistance and repression, we truly stood side by side with the oppressed peoples of the world.