On May 20, the Red League – Hamburg (Roter Bund – Hamburg) called for a rally in front of the Chilean consulate in Hamburg. The rally was originally planned to put pressure on the Chilean government, which was threatening to evict the Toma 17 de Mayo. Now that the murderous gangs of the old Chilean state, the Carabineros, have enforced the eviction with extreme brutality and the burning down of the settlement, the rally focused on denouncing this crime. Other anti-imperialist forces, such as Young Struggle, Network Freedom for All Political Prisoners and some anti-imperialist-minded people joined the rally.


Kundgebung Toma 17 de Mayo Hamburg 2c Kundgebung Toma 17 de Mayo Hamburg 3


The crimes committed by the old Chilean state since May 16 – the beginning of the eviction, one day prior to the fifth anniversary of the settlement – were loudly denounced in German and Spanish. Slogans such as “¡Tierra, vivienda y dignidad!”, “Only those who fight can be victorious – the peoples of the world will liberate themselves!”, “Up the international solidarity!” and “Resist against their repression – justified is the rebellion!” also attracted some attention at the rally in the relatively quiet residential area.


Kundgebung Toma 17 de Mayo Hamburg 4b Kundgebung Toma 17 de Mayo Hamburg Anzeigebild


Passersby were informed by leaflets and information posters about the housing shortage in Chile and the struggle for housing for the people, as well as the repression carried out on behalf of the landowners and capitalists. There was a great deal of understanding for the protest in front of the consulate and the struggle in Chile. The ongoing genocide of the people of Palestine was also denounced and linked to the crimes of the imperialists and their lackeys around the world, including Chile.


Kundgebung Toma 17 de Mayo Hamburg Plakat 1 Kundgebung Toma 17 de Mayo Hamburg Plakat 2


Before the rally, some posters were also put up in a very busy area of Hamburg.