We publish this english translation of a declaration that was sent to us:

Proletarians of all countries, unite!


About the coward attacks of the liquidators:

To the comrades of the Committee Red Flag, its militants and masses who struggle together with you for reconstituting the Communist Party of Germany, as marxist-leninist-maoist, principally maoist communist party.

We share the joy and pride of being part of the campaign of the 200th anniversary of the birth of Karl Marx with you. The best way to celebrate the anniversary is by mobilizing, politicizing and organizing the masses and arming them, in perspective, integrating ourselves into class struggle.

To say that something new grows in this land, something that is at the same time very old, is very expressive, the communists has returned, the communists are back again in the FRG, this makes us very happy, better, we can say with conviction that together with you we are back in FRG!

Yes comrades, we are back precisely where the scientific ideology of the proletariat was born, and were also negated for the first time by the revisionists of the kind of Bernstein and Kautsky, by Ebert and Noske. Together with you we will struggle against the submission and for life or death, to continue the work of Karl Marx. Rebellion is justified!

We take a stand, comrades, for your resolute and tenacious mortal struggle against the right liquidationism because our path is also one, is the path of Ayacucho.

We feel deep class hatred for what happened in Berlin, for the sinister attack of the right liquidators against the international proletariat.

We also want to greet and congratulate our comrades in Berlin for doing the work which is necessary to do, for fulfilling with their duty among the deep masses, for resisting and combating and defeating the general counterrevolutionary offensive and the right liquidators campaign, for raising high the red flag.

We are certain that the attack against our comrades in the 1st of May in Berlin is today a blood debt that these miserable rats sooner or later will have to pay.

Long live the Committee Red Flag!!
Long live the path of Ayacucho!!
Long live proletarian internationalism!!

Red Fraction of the Communist Party of Chile

May 20, 2018