Declaration on occasion of the demonstration against the EU-Summit on the 20th of September in Salzburg (Austria):

Fight against the EU-alliance! Take the position of proletarian internationalism!

„Everything reactionary is the same, if you do not hit it, it will not fall!“ (Mao Zedong)

With the so called „Security Summit“ of the EU, the „highlight“ of the Austrian council presidency on the 19./ of September in the city Salzburg, the leading imperialist forces of Europe try to  stage a decadent display of their power: A symbol of militarisation and armament, a symbol of intensified repression and of the „control of external border“, a symbol of „democratically“ masked mass murderer, a symbol of their imperialist power. Since the beginning of the council presidency in Austria, thousands of people stood against the reactionary politics of the EU and with that closed the ranks within the millions which struggle against the EU, within Europe as well as outside. With great enthusiasm we salute all struggles and rebellions which develop against the imperialist EU-alliance and call all democratic, antiimperialist and revolutionary forces to use these days in Salzburg to resolutely forward the protests in Austria, for turning Salzburg into a Symbol of resistance, of rebellion and proletarian internationalism in the heads and harts of the oppressed and exploited.

The EU revealed in front of the eyes of the workers and broad masses step by step its real character. The deepened crisis of imperialism, which pull over since 2008, let the contradictions in the EU more and more come to a head. Longing for greater profits large scale attacks against the working class are led, basic unionist- and democratic rights get reduced, military interventions and new imperialist wars get prepared. More than ever it gets obvious for all who are willingly to see it, that the EU is no „confederation between equals“, but an temporary arrangement in an imperialist robbery, for better and more thorough exploitation in the colonies, the countries which gets oppressed by imperialism. The Greece population bear painful witness in the last decade for showing that imperialism is not leading to real development, is not setting up an „depending capitalism“ in the (semi)colonies, but an bureaucratic capitalism which grow out of imperialist domination and expresses, that the national liberation is not yet fully gained and so the democratic tasks of the revolution are in its essential not finished. This tasks can today only be fulfilled under the guidance of the revolutionary proletariat with the communist party at its top, on the way of newdemocratic and socialist revolution.

In its foray after greater profits the imperialists do not only exploit the labor force in their colonies, but continue their raid threw imperialist forced mass migration in the imperialist countries itself, what means intensified exploitation and oppression of the migrant workers. Like an hungry vampire imperialism sucks out the body of the colonies, sucks out the labor forces of these countries. However it is no help if the progressive forces take up the demand of „closing the borders“, but it needs an struggle for the economically and democratic rights of the oppressed people and nations, which have to be forwarded under the banner of the defeat of imperialism and its lackeys. Important part of this hunt of the imperialists for new foreign markets and spheres of influence for the monopoly capital, for a reserve of labor force and natural resources, is the EU “Eastern-Expansion“, which is currently essential for the imperialists in the EU to survive (mainly for Germany, Austria and Italy) and to maintain their relative stability for a longer while.

Especially the oppressed countries in Europe, mainly in Eastern Europe and on the Balkans, are those where the disruption of the relative stability of the capital gets bigger and bigger, where the imperialist rule starts to crumble. Waves of strikes and mass rebellions of workers in Bosnia which led to many solidarity actions in different countries of the Balkans, mass demonstrations against governments which lasted on threw months like in Romania, Greece, Serbia or Hungary and also the struggles which demand the right of national self determination, in single cases also the right of separation and in parts also with armed struggle, are important indicators. Also in the imperialist countries, although it is very uneven developed, the workers movement gains importance, and mainly the youth revolts in France, Great Britain and Sweden which drowned with an lively scream the yammering of the „not existent class struggle“.

On this way, the tireless and resolute struggle against opportunism and liberalism have to get an importance place, because they are the „corrosive which erode the unity“ and puts instead of the ideological struggle the unprincipled unity, which means in conclusion unity with one or an other imperialist and leads in the currant situation to wrong positions like the appreciation of the EU as an „monolith block“ as „one EU-imperialism“ ore even worse to the EU as „lapdog of the USA“. All this variations of opportunism tries in reality to change the direction impact of the antiimperialist- and classstruggle, to save the Imperialist of the EU out of field of fire and with that take position against the proletarian revolution. Especially the excellent directive of the great leader of October Revolution, Lenin, should serve the progressive forces in this point as lodestar: „The struggle against Imperialism is an empty and wrong phrase, if it is not insolvable connected with the struggle against opportunism.“ The demand of the „smashing of the EU“ enclosed itself far to often as such an „empty and wrong phrase“, if it is taken up without an strong international basis, because it would be strongly chauvinist to say that the EU could be „smashed down“ from one country on its own. Such an opportunist phrase monger displace the struggle against the EU to the faraway future and only serves the reaction, which in order to that gains more time to spread its harmful influence on the proletariat and the masses, its poisons of chauvinism, imperialist nationalism and racism. To push back this influence the revolutionary forces are called for taking up even more an resolute class position, the position of proletarian internationalism and calls them in responsibility to fulfill the necessity of international consolidation!

The conditions which produced the EU, which made the EU to an temporary necessity for the European imperialists, lies within imperialism itself! For the oppressed and exploited, if the do not want to run after pipe dreams, there is no possibility to an „other EU“, because every „other EU“ means in the ruling system not more than another form of exploitation and oppression, of chauvinist, racist, bellicose white hegemony.

Imperialism is a paper tiger and even more is it the EU. But this nature of imperialism do not lead „automatically“ to its downfall. „Everything reactionary is the same, if you do not hit it, it will not fall!“ is an simply truth of Marxism, which understands class struggle as driving force of history. The struggle of the Millions around the world, the struggle of the working class and masses in Europe, express already today the mighty compulsion for the defeat of imperialism. Especially the peoples wars which are led today in India, Peru, Turkey and the Philippines are shining examples for the revolutionaries and the way they have take on. The EU will not fall down from itself, neither it will be „smashed“ from one ore another country – the imperialist EU-alliance only can be politically wiped out in the interest of the proletarians, the masses and the oppressed people and nations on the way of proletarian revolution, threw socialist and newdemocratic revolutions, led by Communist Parties which strongly base on the universal teachings of the great classics Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong!

Fight against the EU-alliance! Take the position of proletarian internationalism!
Mobilize against the EU- Eastern Expansion – strengthen the international unity of the proletariat!
Long live the immortal teachings of the great leaders of the international proletariat Marx, Engels, Lenin, Stalin and Mao Zedong!
Long live the Proletarian World Revolution!


Partizan (Austria)
Partija Rada (Ex-Yugoslavia)
Red Front Collective (Austria)