We publish an english version of an article that was published in A Nova Democracia website.

The Watson Institute for Public and International Affairs at Brown University has stated that US military spending has been $ 6 trillion since the attacks of September 11, 2001. The amount spent is so dramatic that the university report considers it a "Threat to national security" itself.

US imperialist press agencies noted that 6,900 military personnel, 21 civilians and 7,800 contractors (the term used to refer to mercenaries hired by "Private Military Companies"), all of them are from United States, dead in combat in the Wars of Afghanistan, Iraq Yemen, Libya, Somalia.

If, on the one hand, the National Resistance causes huge casualties to imperialism, the latter responds with more and more massacres.

In an article published on The Independent website, international medical organizations believe that the number of civilians killed only by the Yankee invasion of Iraq since 2003 is "greater than 1 million." In the same article, the portal accuses the US of "having no idea how many civilians it is killing in Iraq". Numbers of interventions in other countries, they warn, are even more obscure, with Brown University's study warning that the number of civilians killed in the conflict in Syria this year may "never be known."

The study also warns that it is harder to know of a number of recent victims of US imperialism in its so-called "war on terror", as little is known about what they call "indirect consequences" of Yankee interventions.

An example of the enormous scale that these "indirect consequences" can assume is Yemen. There, after the invasion of Saudi Arabia in 2016, made with Yankee support, half the population of that country south of the Arabian peninsula - 14 million people - is under starvation or malnutrition, according to a report by the Organization of American States. Nations of October 2018.

The Yankee press notes that while Trump publicly states that military spending on the Middle East was "a mistake" and "preparing a withdrawal plan," officials such as US Secretary of State Mike Pompey have already authorized expansion of the Yankee intervention in the country in civil war, according to the Yankee press, with the aim of "opposing Iran and its allies."


People in Afghanistan protesting against Yankee imperialism