We hereby report on some developments in the political situation and the class struggle in the various Nordic Countries.

The comrades at Tjen Folket Media reports that posters honoring the fallen comrades from the TKP/ML, have been spotted in Kristiansand.



The comrades from The Communist League in Sweden reports that posters have been spotted in Stockholm, which call for solidarity with the League of Poor Peasants (LCP).




The comrades at Punalippu (Red Flag) have made a commentary on the current inter-imperialist contradictions in the Nordic Countries and the increased armament of Sweden, Norway and Finland, there is now a English translation, which can be read here. 

Also they post an article on the current chauvinist campaign, headed by French Imperialism, with the unquestioning support of the reactionary bourgeois French press, against immigrant masses, mainly aimed at oppressed peoples from West-Asia, and how these attacks try to make Imperialism seem justified, and trying to paint the rebellion against (principally French) Imperialism as unjustified.


Currently the Imperialists are struggling on the issue of increasing the military budget and further strengthening the military capacity, after a report from NATO’s meeting with Defense Ministers from the 22. and 23. of October, criticized the military priorities of Denmark to be “misaligned” with NATO’s strategic plans (principally the plans of Yankee-Imperialism)

The report concludes:
“Allied   Defence   Ministers   agreed   that   Denmark   should   give   priority   to   the development of: a heavy infantry brigade, including associated CS (Combat support, Ed.) and CSS (Combat service support, Ed.) elements; JISR (Joint intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance, Ed.) capabilities;  and  ASW (Anti-submarine warfare, Ed.) capabilities. The  lack  of  progress  since  the  previous  Capability Review is of concern.  These developments lead to the conclusion that the Danish and the NATO defence planning priorities are misaligned. Denmark needs to fully implement all of its NATO Capability Targets, in full and on time, with a special emphasis and urgency on all three of the prioritised capabilities.  Until it does so, other Allies may potentially have to pick up part of Denmark’s fair share of the Alliance burden.”

Defense Minister Trine Bramsen rejects the criticism as “politics” (which is already obvious to everyone), and puts forwards that the review, does not fully put into account the contributions of Danish Imperialism in the Arctic, and that the military forms on Greenland (mostly reconnaissance) are sufficient.

It is clear that the old military tactics of Denmark are becoming insufficient for the evermore rotting Imperialists, and soon changes will have to be made to ensure the continuation of Danish Imperialism’s dependency on exploiting the peoples of world.