On the night of 16 May, militants of the TKP/ML carried out a flash protest on the main street in the Gulsuyu district of Istanbul for the 48th anniversary of the assassination of İbrahim Kaypakkaya on 18 May and hung banners. In the action, slogans were shouted loudly and Molotov cocktails were thrown. A statement was also read out, in which the comrades said:

"On the 48th anniversary of his murder, we commemorate our communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya and pay tribute to his unwavering faith and commitment to our party and the revolution. We will not hesitate to wear the fire shirt of revolutionary communism that comrade İbrahim was not afraid to wear. Our party, the TKP/ML, will march on, with the people's war we will achieve victory. Salute communist leader İbrahim Kaypakkaya on the 48th anniversary of his murder!"




On the 48th anniversary of the death of comrade Kaypakkaya, statements of the Central Committees of the TKP/ML and the Youth League TMLGB were also published in Turkish, along with an international