In Kemalpaşa in Artvin province, there have been recent protests and rebellions by farmers against the increase in the daily tea purchase quota by the state-owned Çaykur company. Çaykur is the largest tea company in the country, for which many poor peasants are forced to work, i.e. sell their entire harvest.

After the company announced that it would introduce a quota of 17 kilograms of tea per hectare per day for each farmer, many farmers marched together to the gates of the processing factory and spilled heaps of tea in front of the entrance. As they did so, they shouted "We did not die of the Corona virus, we will die of the quota practice!" and demanded that the quota be withdrawn. One farmer summed it up by saying that the Çaykur producers give you the price on a small spoon but take from the product with a big shovel.

Meanwhile, protests against the operation of quarries continue in several places in the country. In Ikizdere in Rize, the protest continues despite all repression and a "nature guard" is organised. Two farmers were arrested a few days ago for climbing a tree that had been declared ready for felling. Of course, this is also known from Germany, but it should not be necessary to explain that this is a completely different story than the conflicts in the Hambacher Forst. A 15-day ban on any kind of action has now also been introduced in Kırklareli because the inhabitants did not stop their struggle against the quarry operation.