Last week, large shipments of BioNTech / Pfizer vaccine arrived in Turkey. The whole process paints a picture of how vaccination is done in oppressed nations:

When something is there, a lot at once, and because of dependence on the imperialists for supplies, very irregular and fluctuating in terms of quantity, compounded by poor infrastructure. In front of the state hospital in Esenyurt in Istanbul, this dilemma was revealed when metre-long vaccination queues formed in front of the entrances because appointments had been given to about a thousand people at the same time. The people from the queues formed next to each other reacted with anger to this situation and denounced that right in front of the place where one wants to make people immune, they will end up getting infected, that the vaccination centre in this organisation will become a hotspot for spreading the virus.

One worker, who was filming the queues with his mobile phone, scolded: "When you give vaccination appointments to a thousand people at the same time, the viability for people is obvious. People get sick without vaccines. [...] Unbelievable. This disgrace is now enough for this government. I hope the Ministry of Health will see this video."

Health systems in oppressed nations are dependent on foreign imperialist financial capital and are usually completely overburdened with the medical demands of the population. The Corona vaccinations show how little funds there are for adequate treatment in all areas. The state carries out the vaccinations with little effort - as long as the numbers are right, it does not care about collateral effects or a Corona infection in the queues.