At the beginning of October, several solidarity events with the revolutionary Turkish newspaper Yeni Demokrasi took place in Austria and Switzerland. Both editors and ordinary readers of the newspaper are increasingly threatened, arrested and tortured by the Turkish state in order to prevent the circulation of the newspaper among the masses.

There was large-scale mobilisation, so that the events on 2nd of October in Vienna, on 9th of October in Innsbruck and on 10th of October in Basel were well attended. Members of different revolutionary and democratic organisations gave speeches and read out greetings; the events were accompanied culturally with music and film screenings. In particular, the founder of the TKP/ML, Ibrahim Kaypakkaya, and Chairman Gonzalo were also honoured in the speeches and slogans. In the message of Yeni Demokrasi, it was stated that since 2018, it has consistently stood against liquidation, reformism and any form of reaction without allowing any danger to the revolutionary line of the newspaper, while the attacks on the proletarian ideology and the revolutionary struggle are intensified, and that it will maintain the people's war in the struggle for the new democratic revolution.

Yeni Demokrasi Veranstaltung Innsbruck 2021                                                        Yeni Demokrasi Veranstaltung Wien 2021