When the media reports about the war in Ukraine, they almost always talk about crimes and atrocities committed by Russian imperialism. Regardless of whether there are specific incidents that are explained or whether there is just general talk about Russia's "war of extermination", the direction of the reporting is clear. The crimes committed by the Ukrainian military, however, are simply swept under the rug without further ado. Of course, they want to maintain the image of the "hero president".

In the last few days, some pictures appeared in the social networks, which show very clearly that the image of the good, heroic Ukrainian government, which is presented to us in the media again and again, does not correspond to reality. On different pictures and videos it can be clearly seen how soldiers of the Ukrainian military tie unarmed people (among others even children) to lanterns and trees, pull down their pants, beat them up and paint their faces with a strange looking green color. This paint, according to various claims on the Internet, is Zelyonka. This is a green dye which damages the skin and can lead to blindness.
Apparently, mostly Roma and Russians but also deserters and draft resisters are affected by this terror.


This is nothing other than torture, and chauvinistic terror against parts of the people. Contrary to what the bourgeois media claim, crimes are committed not only by the Russian invaders, but also by the fascist henchmen of the Selenskyi government.

However, it is not surprising that such incidents occur, because the Ukrainian military has been riddled with fascists for many years. A well-known example of this are the fighters of the "Azov Battalion", which is subordinate to the Ukrainian military, who openly appear with swastikas and SS runes and see themselves as the successors of the fascist Nazi collaborator Bandera. They are also accused of being involved in the current attacks. These people have shed a lot of blood in recent years and are known for murdering, torturing and disappearing political opponents and ethnic minorities.

But the "democratic Ukrainian government", praised by the FRG, obviously has no problem with fascists committing crimes in its military. Representatives of the Ukrainian government call them "elite unit" and "heroic fighters". And also the German imperialists seem to have no problem with it, because further weapons are delivered to Ukraine which then arrive at the Azov regiment and are used against the people. So much for the "democratic values" that are supposedly defended there.