In recent weeks, various media have reported on massacres in the areas around Kyiv. Videos show dead bodies lying on the streets in towns around Kyiv, many with their hands tied. These areas were previously controlled by the Russian army and the dead are residents of the Kiev suburbs who were executed.

Most are familiar with these images and are rightly disgusted by the crimes committed by the Russian army.  Russian soldiers committed mass murder against the Ukrainian population in Putin's imperialist war of aggression. This is actually nothing new and, despite all the brutality, it should come as no surprise to anyone that massive terror is being exercised against the people in an imperialist war of aggression. The rulers have repeatedly demonstrated their cruelty and have shown without a doubt that without it such a war is not possible. Reports and voices were also raised quite early on after Putin ordered the Russian army to attack civilian infrastructure, homes and even hospitals.

According to reports from the bourgeois media, around 300 people were killed in Bucha alone, mostly men between the ages of 16 and 60. In addition, the Russian soldiers are said to have searched and looted the houses. The Russian government and the media it controls disagreed, denying these allegations and saying they were staging, fabricated facts and propaganda. As we have said elsewhere, the ruling class has its propaganda channels everywhere and is ready to sell any lie, no matter how absurd, in order to advance its interests.

Above all, however, the imperialists and the bureaucratic bourgeoisie, no matter which side they are on, are criminals and enemies of the people. The justified hatred againstthe Russian invader must not be accompanied by sympathy for NATO or the country-selling Zelensky. No matter how outraged the rulers in other imperialist countries act; they are no better themselves. There are no good imperialists and the manner in which they proclaim their moral superiority is nothing short of hypocritical.

Yes, what the Russian army did there is without a doubt a war crime. Yes, the Russian imperialists are genocidal and criminals. But the same goes for the people who are now acting outraged about it. What puts NATO of all things in a position to condemn this? How can Joe Biden, the head of the US government, stand thereand call Putin a war criminal without getting red in the face? These pigs have enough blood on their hands, enough massacres of their own, and then they stand up and say, "There are the war criminals!" They're just outraged because this time it wasn't them who slaughtered the masses.

What did they do in Yugoslavia, in Iraq or in Afghanistan? These were "humanitarian interventions" as much as the Russians are fighting "fascism" in Ukraine. And of course the NATO members are ramping up their propaganda now. They use the crimes of Russian imperialism for their own benefit. So the massacre in Bucha is now serving NATO to promise Ukraine a “variety of different weapon systems” that were not even up for debate a few weeks earlier.