Since April this year, the old Turkish state has undertaken an invasion of the border areas of Northern Iraq. Since the invasion in April 2022, according to information published by Kurdish activists, there has been increased and intensive use of chemical weapons. Between April and October of this year alone, banned bombs and chemical weapons are said to have been used 2467 times. Among them, according to Kurdish sources, weapons-grade chlorine gas as well as aerosol and phosphorus bombs are said to have been fired at Kurdish positions.

The blows by the reactionary Turkish Armed Forces are directed against the guerrillas, especially the PKK, which has a presence in these regions. In order to denounce this type of international law violating warfare of using chemical weapons against guerrilla units in another country, different actions are currently being carried out in Europe, driven by Kurdish forces but also revolutionary ones from Turkey/North Kurdistan.

As part of a campaign by Partizan, coordinated actions under the slogan "We call for struggle against the chemical weapon attack of the fascist Turkish state against the guerrillas!" were carried out in short succession in different countries of Europe. For this, actions took place in Zurich (Switzerland), Liège (Belgium), Innsbruck and Linz (Austria), Reims (France) and more.

On October 22, several hundred people protested in The Hague, Netherlands, in front of the International Criminal Court for war criminals against the invasion of Northern Iraq and the use of chemical weapons. On part of Dutch activists of Turkish comrades, a banner was carried denouncing the silence of the "Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons" and the crimes of the old Turkish state and depicting the portraits of fallen Kurdish fighters. The campaign to fight against the current crimes of the Turkish state was also echoed at the youth camp of ATIGF. Here, a banner denouncing the current and past Turkish war crimes was made and held up by the youths.