03: October:
After a suicide attack on the Turkish Ministry of the Interior in Ankara, which according to various bourgeois media but also Kurdish sources is to be attributed to the PKK, there were raids and arrests by the old Turkish state throughout Turkey and Northern Kurdistan. According to Tagesschau, which refers to the Turkish Interior Ministry, 1000 people were arrested in the raids following the attack. Avrupa Haber also reports on its website that six Partizan readers were arrested in Dersim and Istanbul and digital materials were confiscated by Turkish police, although it is unclear on what charges the six Partizan readers were arrested and where they were taken. Among those detained, according to Avrupa Haber, is its correspondent Ertan Çıta, who was arrested in Dersim.

Already on September 26, civilian police arrested readers of the democratic and revolutionary newspaper "Yeni Demokrasi" in the city of Erzincan. This police action and the fact that the readers of the newspaper are people living in Istanbul who were visiting their hometown Erzincan suggest that the Yeni Demokratisi readers were observed in the run-up to the arrest and that the moment when they entered their hometown was purposely chosen.


September 26:
In Latehar district of Jharkhand state, the People's Liberation Guerrilla Army led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist) carried out an attack on a track construction company in which three construction vehicles and a car were set on fire. Road construction and track companies are more often the target of attacks by revolutionaries because they allow imperialist corporations and the military of the old Indian state to travel inland, thus serving the exploitation and oppression of the local population and troop transports and operations against the People's War in India.

September 28:
An anti-Maoist operation which was jointly conducted by various police units in the West Singhbhum district of the Indian state of Jharkhand was foiled by the detonation of an explosive device. The explosive device killed one member of the anti-Maoist operation and injured another. The policemen killed and injured were members of the Cobra special unit of the Central Police Reserve Unit of the old Indian state, which are regularly deployed against the People's War in India.


16-17 September:
A New People's Army unit conducted ambushes on Old Philippine State forces in Western Samar province for two consecutive days. On Sept. 16, a military man responsible for training and recruiting the paramilitary CAFGU (Citizen Armed Force Geographical Unit) was killed. A day later, a member of the CAFGU was killed in an attack, known among the people in the province for its lumpen activities such as robbery and patriarchal crimes against women.

September 20:
In Mindoro Island, a unit of the New People's Army led by the Communist Party of the Philippines perpetrated an attack on a quarry involved in environmentally destructive activities on the island. The Paolo Construction company is owned by the mayor of Bongabong town, who is also a senior member of a task force that is part of the anti-subversive warfare against the People's War in the Philippines. In its statement, the local NPA unit said it will continue to oppose all environmentally destructive operations that are destroying the livelihood of the Filipino people.

September 27:
One member of the Old Philippine Army was killed and two wounded in an ambush by the New People's Army on a unit of the Old Philippine Army in the Quezon region. As recently as September 01, an NPA operation took place in the Quezon region in which five soldiers of the old Philippine state were killed and weapons were confiscated. Previously, various military officials and media of the old Philippine state boasted that the Quezon region was "insurgency-free". A lie that was once again exposed by the actions of the People's War. In the run-up to the ambush, the unit later attacked by the NPA was observed to have been stationed in the villages of the region for eleven days since September 17, harassing the local population.

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