November 02:
In the province of Camarines Norte, the NPA distributed leaflets in two major towns in the province. According to the regional unit of the New People's Army, leaflets were distributed in schools, churches, parks, terminals and designated residential areas to denounce the atrocities of the 9th Infantry Division of the reactionary army. At the same time, they distributed leaflets extolling and honoring the martyrs of the revolutionary movement. The background to the distribution of the leaflets on November 2 is that this is the so-called All Souls' Day, when the people traditionally commemorate their deceased relatives. This action is a good example that the revolutionary army in the People's War not only takes on purely military tasks, but is also there to carry out mass work among the people and to politicize and mobilize the people.

November 08:
The New People's Army under the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines carried out a punitive action on the morning of November 8 in which two dump trucks of the so-called Kwari company were set on fire. The Kwari company is known in Quezon for its environmentally destructive projects that cause lasting damage to nature and destroy the livelihood of the people. Among other things, the company is involved in using trucks to transport sand, stones, gravel and soil from rivers and mountains for factories. The NPA in Quezon says it will not tolerate projects that claim to be progressive but harm the interests of the people.

November 13:
Agent Junior Martinez of the 57th Infantry Battalion was killed in the municipality of Sityo Badiangan, Iloilo province. An M16, a shotgun, two pistols, a hand grenade and a VHF radio were confiscated from him.

November 15:
Sometimes certain actions in the People's War are not made public until months or years later so that certain connections are not revealed to the enemy at an inopportune time. The New People's Army has now published just such actions in relation to events on Leyte Island in April this year.

On April 2, the intelligence agent of the 14th Infantry Battalion in the town of Sitio Valibulan was killed during a military operation by the New People's Army. Two .45 caliber pistols and three cell phones were confiscated. According to information from the New People's Army, the intelligence agent who was killed was responsible for a devastating air strike on revolutionary forces on September 29, 2021, in which he used a GPS tracker to coordinate the attack by aircraft. The killed man's unit is notorious in the region for trying to force civilians and especially hunters to place GPS trackers at the targets of military bombing raids. Masses that refuse are recorded and subsequently terrorized by the unit. Thus, another enemy and genocidal killer of the Filipino people has now met his just end.

November 15:
In Northern Samar, the local unit of the New People's Army called the "Rodante Urtal Command" reported on a series of punitive actions it carried out in the town of Las Navas against counter-revolutionaries and anti-people elements. The actions were mainly concentrated in the Barangay San Miguel neighborhood, which had been occupied for several years by the 20th Infantry Battalion of the reactionary army, where it exerted its harmful influence.
These actions were also carried out in April but have only now been made public. Thus, a unit of the New People's Army with the support of the masses and without detection entered the neighborhood at 9 p.m. on April 27 to punish reactionary soldier, thief and peasant murderer Nong Menggote for his crimes. Similar actions also took place on April 1 and 5, where the counter-revolutionary lumpen Danny Eluterio and Danny Eluterio were punished, who worked as paramilitaries and informers against the revolution, as well as having links to the big landowners.

November 21:
In a review of the New People's Army's activities in Eastern Visayas, it was revealed that 18 soldiers of the 8th Infantry Division were killed and five others were injured in New People's Army offensives between June and August this year. The New People's Army said the report was issued to motivate all New People's Army units across the country to intensify their tactical offensives to take the People's War to new heights.