In view of the continuing counter-offensive of the national resistance of the Palestinian people and the operation "Al-Aqsa Flood" against genocide, expulsion and occupation by Israeli Zionism, solidarity actions with the heroic and self-sacrificing struggle of the Palestinian people are taking place all over the world. Communists and revolutionaries in Latin America are also taking part in actions in solidarity with the Palestinian struggle.

On November 9, more than 300 demonstrators gathered in Rio de Janeiro for a demonstration in support of the Palestinian struggle. The demonstration was characterized by a combative mood and a variety of different groups, organizations and individuals, including anti-Zionist Jews, who were mobilized on the basis of support for the counter-offensive of the Palestinian national resistance and the denunciation of the genocide by the Zionists.

In addition to many Palestinian flags and organizational flags of popular movements and student representatives, there were also many banners reading "Jews against occupation! Jews against Zionism" and "Long live the heroic struggle of the Palestinian resistance!" and slogans such as "Palestinian struggle: not one step back! Long live the resistance, all support for Hamas!" and "Israel out of Palestinian land! Yankees out of Latin America!"

When the demonstrators encountered a group of Zionist provocateurs on their route who tried to mingle among the demonstrators, the Zionists were summarily ejected from the demonstration with punches and kicks while shouting the slogan "Fascists will die!".

demo in rio
When the demonstration finally arrived at the Consulate General of Yankee imperialism, the demonstration leaders announced an action symbolizing the hatred of the peoples of the world against the oppressors. The flag of Yankee imperialism and Israeli genocide was then burned in a semi-circle. The Yankee Consulate General was then attacked with stones and bottles filled with red paint, forcing Yankee security personnel to flee into the building. In response, the Brazilian military police used tear gas grenades and rubber bullets against the demonstration, which in turn responded to this reactionary violence by firing fireworks and at the military police forces and the Yankee consulate, with some masses demanding the killing of the military policemen.

angriff auf das yankee konsulat in rio
juden gegen zionismus in rio


The democratic and revolutionary newspaper A Nova Democracia reported live from this combative demonstration and published a video with defining moments of the event.

Demonstrations and actions in solidarity and support of the Palestinian struggle also took place in other Brazilian cities. In addition, the Popular Women's Movement published a statement in support of the struggle in Palestine.

A Nova Democracia is constantly reporting on the events of the national liberation war in Palestine. In addition to the publication of solidarity actions from Brazil and other countries, there is also a live ticker and several published poems on this topic.

The "Revolutionary Front for the Defense of the Rights of the People" has also launched a campaign entitled "Palestine Resists" in which they express their support for the Palestinian struggle with paintings and posters.

On November 4, people gathered in Medellin for a demonstration under the slogan "Global action against the genocide of the Palestinian people!". At this demonstration, too, the demonstrators denounced the genocide of the Israeli state and Yankee imperialism against the Palestinian people and made their support for the Palestinian people's counter-offensive clear with placards, slogans and leaflets.

In Oaxaca, more than 20 posters in support of the Palestinian counter-offensive were put up in various places. In this context, the "Mural Periodico" website calls for all democratic, progressive and revolutionary forces in Mexico to develop this campaign with all possible forms of action.

oaxaca palästina

Also in Ecuador, several statements have been made by the Front for the Defense of Popular Struggles in Ecuador, which we link to here, but cannot elaborate on due to the censorship of German laws, since German imperialism uses the pretext of the laws about the alleged "relativization of the Holocaust" to curtail the description of the extent of the genocide against the Palestinians.


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