In India, the Communist Party of India (Maoist) is currently leading a campaign to boycott elections in the states of Chhattisgarh and Madhya Pradesh.

As part of this boycott, the People's Guerrilla Liberation Army, the Red Army of the working class and peoples of India, is carrying out various actions under the leadership of the Communist Party of India (Maoist).

For instance, a member of the BJP (Indian People's Party), which constitutes the Prime Minister in India, was eliminated by the guerrillas in an attack. The member in question is the vice-president of the BJP in Narayanpur district in the state of Chhattisgarh.

On November 02, four police informers were killed in two separate incidents in Kanker and Bijapur districts. In the first incident in Kanker district, three police informers were killed on the night of November 01 to 02. In the aftermath of the incident, pamphlets were discovered at the scene accusing the victims of working for the anti-Maoist "C-60" unit of the Maharashtra Police.

In a statement on the elections, the Western Bastar Divisional Committee of the CPI(M) reportedly issued a warning. In the statement, they urge the election workers not to participate in the false bourgeois elections and warn them that their safety is at risk as the election workers will be accompanied by armed security forces of the old state due to the people's war and they could be affected by actions of the People's Liberation Guerrilia Army. The article further reports that numerous Maoist banners and leaflets were found in Bastar calling on the people to boycott the bourgeois elections.

On November 6, in the Bastar region of Chhattisgarh, two election officials and a border guard were injured in a booby-trap explosion while they were preparing for the elections.

On November 7, the starting day of the Chhattisgarh elections, a commando of the Central Police Reserve Force was injured by an IED in Sukma district of the state during an operation to secure the bourgeois polls.

The power of the election boycott as a stage of rejection of the old bureaucratic-big landlord state can also be seen in the way various bourgeois Indian media immediately put any information and news about voter turnout and election results in the context of the Maoist election boycott. Because they know that the righteous attack on the legitimacy of the exploitative and oppressive system of the old, genocidal Indian state strikes at its core and deals directly with the question of power and class dictatorship. This also shows once again the strategic importance of the election boycott and the role it plays for the revolution in every country. At this point, we would like to quote the assessment of the great Indian Maoist and party leader Charu Mazumdar, who already stated in 1968:

"In the present era, when imperialism is approaching its complete downfall, the revolutionary struggle in every country has taken the form of armed struggle; Soviet revisionism, unable to retain its mask of socialism, is forced to adopt imperialist methods; the world revolution has entered a new higher phase; and socialism is marching irrevocably forward to victory - to take the parliamentary road in such an era is to halt this advancing march of the world revolution. Today, revolutionary Marxist-Leninists cannot choose the parliamentary road. This is true not only for the colonial and semi-colonial countries, but also for the capitalist countries.
By sticking to the parliamentary road, revolutionaries around the world have collected a huge blood toll over the centuries. Now the time has come to pay this blood toll. Hundreds of thousands of fallen martyrs call on the revolutionaries: "Fight hard against dying imperialism and wipe it off the face of the earth!" It is time to rebuild the world on a new path! Our victory in this struggle is certain!"

We see that the Communist Party of India (Maoist) in this election boycott, on the basis of the correct assessment of its leader Mazumdar, is striking blows at the reaction and the bourgeois elections and hammering the necessity of overcoming the old order by violence into the minds of the people with the actions of the People's Guerrilla Liberation Army.