Last month got the police station of Mülheim an der Ruhr distance electropulse devices. After a testing phase in 2021 is the plan of the interior minister of NRW that all police station in Northrhine-Westphalia use the Distanzelektroimpulsgeräte. Five station more get in 2022 this weapon to the end of the year.


The reason is the increase of attacks against police officers and the use of Taser has the possibility to “deescalate” dangerous situation. It is nothing else as to say the police get e weapon to fright the people. The professional-reactionary and Chairman of NRW from the pseudo-union Gewerkschft der Polizei (Union for police) Michael Meretens say to this topic:: “The taser close a gap between peper spray, baton and shotingweapons”. Which gap this so called “non-lethal-weapon” closed we can see it in Dortmund. Dortmund was part of the testing phase at 2021 and 2022 dies two person in close time. The first person was the 16 year old Mouhamed Drame and after him a 44 year old man with a sick heart.


Mouhamed Drame was shot down with five bullets from a submaschinegun, after he is tasered one second before. The question is which “gap” the taser close. At first the police shot Mouhamed with the taser and a breath later the police execute him.


We have reporten often about this topic, again and again dies people trough the “harmless” Taser. The abductions reports repeat every time the story of that the violence of the police is not the cause of the death. In the case of the 44-years-old man the police say: “In the today carry out abductions report it is not possible to get the causality between the use of the taser and death.” With the report the investigation is closed and the cops are for the official departments are not guilty.


The violence targets the not a random person, the victims of police violence in the most cases are migrants and people with psychological illnesses, in both cases the groups are part of the deepest and broadest masses. For this the weapon exist. The taser has the task to fright the people and in the “case of emergency” to get someone down with a huge portion of pain. In NRW 2021 the police use the taser “only” 179 times . In 2022 the use of taser increase of about 250+ times. It is realistic that the number of use increase higher after the introduction in more police station.


The Neighbor state of Northrhine-Westphalia, Rhineland-Pfalz the use are very high. Since 2021 the taser is part of the standard equipment of the police patrol. The number of use is over 600 times. About 300 times the police shot with taser of the people. It is not a surprise by this numbers that “attacks” on the police increase. Where is oppression, there is resistance. Which more harassment, torture and the death by police violence the number of people resistant against this increase.