At the actual time, many medias increase their propaganda against combative antifascists, revolutionaries and revolutionaristic forces. The state-medias like “MDR”, “NDR” or “Tagesschau” report about submerged “left-wing extremists” and stoking the fear about some “serious violent crimes” or “terrorist attacks”. In combination with the propaganda of the medias, a nationwide  public manhunt against a persecuted antifascist has started.

A report of the “MDR” and “NDR” says, that there is actual a number of 20 leftist people, which are on the run against the state repression. That means, that actually more left people on the run than in the time of the armed struggle by the Red Army Faction (RAF). More than a dozen from them get searched by a arrest warrant. Some of them with a europe-wide warrant. Most of them are around the accused of the so called “Antifa-East-Trial”.

According to the report, the domestic political intelligence service, the so called "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution" has strengthened its hazard assessment about the “left-wing extremist scene”.  According to them, the scene has become better networked among themselves. According to the report, the politically persecuted who have gone into hiding would continue to carry out actions from illegality, although the authorities had already intensified their investigations.. In the past, this was different. To the submerged, there are some supporters too, which made the logistical fundament for the persecuted to live in the illegality. The political intelligence service says, he sees,  strengthened indications for a cell which operates in the underground.

The german Minister of Interior, Nancy Faeser says in a interview with the NDR and the WDR, that she is scared about the crowing propensity for violence. "We see that there is a kind of vigilante justice prevailing there, but that is not the task of civil society, but the state holds the power." Saxony's Interior Minister Armin Schuster also joins in the propaganda drumbeat. Thus this says about the attacks, which were allegedly committed by the organization constructed in the "Antifa-East-Trial", against the fascists the following: "The acts are so serious that as a side consequence even the death of a person cannot be excluded". Furthermore, he also expresses concern about the growing number of anti-fascists in hiding. This he calls "a new dimension".

In its article on this research, the Tagesschau also reports on the "Antifaschistische Aktion Süd (Antifa-Süd)", an association of several local antifascist groups from southern Germany (Baden-Württemberg, Rhineland-Palatinate, Bavaria) that was formed last year. Tagesschau talks about the fact that the security authorities are concerned regarding this newly formed group. According to Tagesschau, the "Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitution" is also to attribute the mobilization of a large number of "violent left-wing extremists" to this group during the protests against the AFD party congress, during which 53 cops were allegedly injured. Apparently an attempt to prepare the next blow of repression and ban proceedings.

In fact, the protests against the AFD party congress were not so much an explosive riot as more a brutal attack by state power on the freedom of assembly. In these, following to the large demonstration organized by bourgeois forces, the second demonstration, which was organized by anti-fascist groups, was attacked by the cops immediately at the beginning. Of course, the participants did not put up with this attack and resolutely defended their right to take the street. Ultimately, however, the cops managed to bring the demonstration to stop with massive force and encircle 400 Participants for up to seven hours. This encirclement was maintained by the state thugs even at the moment when a fire broke out in it, which injured trapped antifascists.

In a similar way, it is also the case with the aforementioned "Antifa-East-Trial". Despite the big propaganda of the bourgeois media, which eagerly report about the apparent "dangerousness" of the accused, this trial, too, is rather an attack on basic democratic rights. In the context of this trial four persons were sentenced to years of imprisonment on the basis of unclear evidence, such as contradictory testimonies of fascists or snippets of conversations taken out of context, without it ever really being proven that the crimes were committed by the defendants.Against this judgment, protests in different cities took place. We reported about herehere and here.

This is the overall direction of current reporting in the bourgeois media. They try to create a narrative that tries to portray those prosecuted by the German class-justice as "unpredictable" and as a "danger to the general public" in order to create public opinion for repression. Once again very obvious how the supposedly "neutral" media are a propaganda tool of the rulers.

That it is about justifying new repression becomes clear when we look at the situation of Lina E.'s fiancé. Lina is the main defendant in the "Antifa East trial". Her fiancé is also accused of being part of the "criminal organization" constructed by the prosecution, which is supposed to have taken actions against the fascists. The propaganda of the media is also firing against him. In order to escape political repression, he allegedly first absconded to Thailand and is now said to have returned to Europe and gone into hiding. For two days now, a nationwide public manhunt has been underway against him. Including large posters on billboards in every city. In order to enforce its class justice, the German bourgeoisie is now counting on the Prussian spirit in parts of the population. In good German tradition, anti-fascists are again to be denounced and be hand over to the police. In order to incite the denunciation even more, a reward of 10,000 euros is offered.

Of course, it is clear that the determined and consequent fight against fascists is not a crime, but a necessity. The class justice of the ruling class and the propaganda of the medias shows very openly that the German bourgeoisie is preparing more and more to expand the repression of the state apparatus. Actual, more and more demonstrations or protests are violently attacked by the police or simply banned, more and more progressive people are sentenced to long prison terms for their resistance against the rulers and in the next step, more and more people try to escape from these sentences. Some of them even quite successfully. Besides the obvious propaganda of the rulers, these reports show one thing clearly. That it is possible for resistant people even today, under the current conditions in an imperialist country like the FRG, to live, work and fight in the illegality.